Retail Billing Software

Biller - Retail Billing Software

It is a desktop application, You can it have multiple customized versions according to customer’s requirement. Basic features are, stock, sales, purchase entry and generate running bills as a POS. Basic inventory reports as well as collections reports.

You can fix the price in three different ways for each itmes, 1. Retail Price, 2. WholeSale Price & 3. Special Price. In billing screen you can switch your mode accordingly.

You can manage your customer's credit details and payment details easily. It can generate receipts for the credit payment to the customers. You can have entire customer history page to view all bill details and payment details.

If you need you can integrate barcode option with this software. It will comes with some additional cost**.

It have,

1). Items Master
2). Purchase Entry.
3). Sales Billing
4). Expenses.
5). Daily Report.
6). Monthly Report.
7). Low Stock Reports.
8). General Reports.

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